Stefan Nowinski

Stefan Nowinski is the Director of Research & Development at Sherwood Scientific Ltd., and a STEM Ambassador. Answering the STEM NOW Q&A, Stefan talks of admiration for his father and creativity in STEM...

What do you enjoy about being a STEM Ambassador and why?

SN: Helping young people enjoy hands-on STEM activities

What has been your best moment during your time as a STEM Ambassador so far and why?

SN: Being asked back to run an after hours Science club - they must have enjoyed what we did the first time.

Can you remember what first sparked your curiosity in science and how this has led you to where you are today?

SN: My dad's confidence in tackling any technical challenge - fixing the lawnmower, building a radio, making our own table-tennis table, etc.

What advice would you give to a young person considering a future in STEM?

SN: Build stuff to turn what you learn into real things. Get your parents to send or take you places where you can find out more about what interests you. Ask questions and try to get the answer from a person not a web-page. If you do use the internet check what you found with someone - friend, teacher, family, expert.

Which field of STEM interests you the most/tell us about your particular specialism?

SN: I'm an engineering scientist so it's all special to me. My specialism is being able to talk the language of specialists in many fields - electronics, physics, chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, regulations, business - and use the best from each in the right combination to make my designs.

Who has inspired you during your STEM journey and why?

SN: My father foremost, then my teachers and the people that I have worked with - seeing someone else do something you didn't know about or fully understand is the best way to learn.

Why is diversity and inclusion in STEM fields important?

SN: Everyone - no exclusion for any reason - should be helped to make the most of themselves. No-one should be put off from following their interest in a STEM subject or any other subject. It's up to the adults to make sure this happens - teachers, parents, employers. There are role models and their stories are inspiring but the point is that there should be no barriers.

What are your aspirations for the future?

SN: To keep learning so that I can design new and better things, to see those made and working as well as I intended and to be able to share the fun of the creative process.

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