Matthew Nuckley

Matthew Nuckley is a Principal Business Consultant and a STEM Ambassador. Specialising in maths, Matthew is inspiring young people to solve big problems through critical thinking. Here, he answers the STEM NOW Q&A...

What do you enjoy about being a STEM Ambassador and why?

MN: I love explaining how maths and structured thinking is actually really useful and can be the basis of a rewarding career.

What has been your best moment during your time as a STEM Ambassador so far and why?

MN: I liked interacting with students and feeling like i had expanded their options and outlook for life choices.

Can you remember what first sparked your curiosity in science and how this has led you to where you are today?

MN: I love knowing how and why things work. I found this interest and the ability to describe the systems i see and how to improve them is rare and valued in business, and that has led me to the career i have today (Management Consultancy).

What advice would you give to a young person considering a future in STEM?

MN: Maintain the ability to learn and apply new skills and you will never run out of productive and lucrative things to do in the world (Even as it changes around you). Also, don't worry as much about failing or being successful, turn up and see what happens :)

Which field of STEM interests you the most/tell us about your particular specialism?

MN: I love ideas that are surprising or counter-intuitive, and then being able to explain them and get people and businesses to benefit from them.

Who has inspired you during your STEM journey and why?

MN: Richard Feynman - his sheer intellect and humour and the way he made science accessible to all. I also took his curiosity about the way the world works as a whole as a part of the way I look at the world.

Why is diversity and inclusion in STEM fields important?

MN: To me it is obvious that talent is rare and unaffected by some of things that divide and exclude people. It's an obvious way to maximise the chances of finding the next star for your company or project. It also is clearly the right thing to do, we are all fundamentally the same and should have access and support to the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

What are your aspirations for the future?

MN: I love what I do, I like solving problems and helping people. My only drive to progress my career is to get access to better/harder problems and help more people.

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