Beth Fitzpatrick

Updated: Jan 28

Beth Fitzpatrick is a Systems Engineer and a STEM Ambassador. Answering the STEM NOW Q&A, Beth talks of the importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM...

What do you enjoy about being a STEM Ambassador and why?

BF: I love showing young people the diversity of engineering - in what work you could do, and just how fun it can be!

What has been your best moment during your time as a STEM Ambassador so far and why?

BF: Seeing children get involved with an active STEM activity - their brains working as they think things through!

Can you remember what first sparked your curiosity in science and how this has led you to where you are today?

BF: My physics teacher at secondary school talking about her experience in Industry, showing me the choice of work out there.

What advice would you give to a young person considering a future in STEM?

BF: You don't have to know what you want to do exactly - STEM opens up many doors, so many exciting avenues to explore!

Which field of STEM interests you the most/tell us about your particular specialism?

BF: I'm a Systems Engineer, which can involve a whole host of different roles - and working for a consultancy means I get the opportunity to try them all. I have been able to do a whole mixture of jobs, from technical modelling to softer stakeholder engagement - which means I never get bored!

Who has inspired you during your STEM journey and why?

BF: My Physics teacher at Secondary school, my fellow colleagues who have done incredible work, the great volunteers who help co-ordinate spreading enthusiasm of STEM.

Why is diversity and inclusion in STEM fields important?

BF: There is a huge skills gap in STEM, and it is such a brilliant field to work in. Opening up the industry to be more welcoming to everyone will help fill this gap, and is such a fulfilling career that everyone should be able to benefit from! Encouraging diversity and inclusion makes it a more accessible career for more people, but also makes the industry a better place for all - more productive and effective, too.

What are your aspirations for the future?

BF: Grow my career, inspire the next generation, meet more people to inspire me! I aim to never stop learning, new skills as well as developing my current competencies.


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