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Chemistry at Work Day!

We ran a chemistry at work day on Friday 27th April for KS3 students from local schools. The students enjoyed an explosive secret world of gases science show to kick off the day. They took part in workshops covering paramagnetism, infection control, submarine life support and how your senses affect taste and smell through the Flavour SenseNation resources.

We had lots of really positive feedback from the students, here is some of our favourite feedback below. “I learned how access to the sense can change and alter the way food tastes”

“I have increased my knowledge on chemistry and the different opportunities that it comes with”

“I learnt that geo-chemistry is a thing; as a geography enthusiast, that sounds really interesting!”

“I learnt that oxygen is para-magnetic so magnets help combustion”

The day rounded out with an interactive Careers Panel where four STEM Ambassadors shared how they used chemistry within their careers. We had one person who worked within the pharmaceutical sector, a mechanical engineer who works in chemical plants, someone from the petroleum industry and someone who keeps submariners alive and well through chemistry. Finally, the students enjoyed an immersive show in our planetarium at the end of the day.

Thank you to all our volunteers throughout the day!

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