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Having fun with the CREST Awards Project Resources

The STEM NOW team had a fantastic time introducing the staff at Winchester Science Centre to the CREST Awards Project Resources over Staff Breakfast. Above, some members of the team took part in 'Tea Bag Trouble', a STAR Award Level. Take a look at this resource!

Here is a fabulous colleague demonstrating the 'Be Seen, Be Safe' project resource, which is also a STAR Award Level. This is great fun for children; using a lot of their imagination, while learning the importance of road/bike safety! Check out this resource.

Finally we have the fab and messy 'Tumbling Toast' a SuperStar Award Level project resource. Why does your toast land butter side down on the floor when it slips off your plate? Children will have a great time experimenting with different spreads and heights! Read more on this resource!

Please check out the CREST Awards website for more information and to sign up.

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