• Emily Thorpe-Smith

Engineer a Future with STEM NOW

On Monday 20th November 2017, STEM NOW worked with 80 young people from Hampshire and Berkshire to explore the world of engineering. The students took part in a Green City Challenge, to plan and model for a more sustainable future with the support and guidance from engineering STEM Ambassadors.

Each students then took part in a STEM careers speed-networking session and presented their ideas to camera. The events was sponsored by STEM Ambassadors, and they have since expressed an interest to do more.

98% of students who attend said they had a better understanding of engineering and said “I learnt that engineering is about making things better” and “There are so many opportunities I can go into”. Every teacher ether agreed or strongly agreed that the day directly supported students learning, help link real applications, increased motivation and aspiration to continue studying STEM and improved students awareness of careers. They said “STEM Ambassadors were engaging and incredibly helpful, especially with questions” and “STEM Ambassadors worked really hard and Thomas [ambassador] was really good with the students”.

Every ambassadors either agreed or strongly agreed that they impacted on the students by improving their problem solving, experience of practical work, improved teamwork and increased awareness of careers choices. They said “It was a very fulfilling experience” and “I had a great time and look forward to the next opportunity”.

Many thanks to our corporate partners for funding the day.

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