Join the #CRESTchampions Challenge!

What can you achieve by the end of the year? How about shaping a young person’s future?

STEM NOW are challenging young people everywhere to undertake a CREST Award by the end of 2019, and we need you to help us.

CREST Awards are challenging and thought-provoking STEM projects for young people aged 5-19, to get them thinking and behaving like scientists and engineers.

The #CRESTchampions Challenge is a call to action to get as many young people as possible to undertake a CREST award by the end of 2019!

We would like your help in encouraging young people to get hands-on with STEM. By leading a child or youth group in a CREST Award you are as much of a CREST Champion as they are! With the UK facing a STEM skills shortage, we believe CREST Awards are an essential route for young people into STEM careers.

The challenge is a fantastic way to show that you or your organisation is invested in getting young people involved with STEM, and bettering the future of these industries. Whether you’re a school, a club, or a parent/individual, anyone can run a CREST Award.

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Still not convinced? Here are some quick facts about CREST Awards:

  • CREST Awards are FLEXIBLE – There are a range of project lengths from just hour challenges to in-depth research projects. Students can either choose their own topic, or there are plenty to pick-up-and-go in the CREST resource library.

  • CREST Awards are ACCESSIBLE – CREST have a range of projects to suit a wide range of ages (5-19), group sizes and abilities.

  • CREST Awards are TRUSTED – Managed by the British Science Association, CREST Awards are recognised within industry and look fantastic on CV’s and Applications for Schools, colleges and Higher Education.

  • CREST Awards are SUPPORTED – If you need help, or would like an expert to enrich or assist the running of your CREST Award, you can easily request a volunteer STEM Ambassador.

How Can I Get Involved?

Get started with running a CREST Award by following the instructions on the site here:

Share your CREST experience with us by tagging @STEM_NOW, @CRESTAwards and don’t forget to use the hashtag #CRESTChampions 

Feeling fancy? Why not print out the poster below and take a picture of it with your group of champions or alongside their work?

Suggested Tweets:


“We’ve completed the @STEM_NOW CREST Challenge and are now official #CRESTchampions! @CRESTAwards”

“We are undertaking the @STEM_NOW #CRESTchampions Challenge to get young people engaged in #STEM, are you up for the challenge?! @CRESTAwards”

“Here are what our group of #CRESTchampions are working on right now! @STEM_NOW @CRESTAwards”

“We are on our way to becoming #CRESTchampions, here’s our work so far! @STEM_NOW @CRESTAwards”

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Download the poster here >