CREST Awards

The STEM NOW team have been delivering the CREST Awards Programme in Hampshire since 2007.

We are delighted to continue our involvement with the CREST Awards in Hampshire. We are also the regional support organisation for 11 other counties across the UK.

CREST Awards are coordinated by the British Science Association and give students an opportunity to get to grips with a hands-on STEM project whilst equipping them with the necessary skills they will need for a career in STEM.
Projects can take place in schools, clubs, youth groups, other organisations or at home. CREST Awards are the only nationally recognised accreditation scheme for project work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

There are six CREST Award Levels, allowing students to progress through the scheme throughout their education.

Star Award

For Star ( recommended for 5-7 years) Award, students complete 8 x 1 hour Star challenges

SuperStar Award

For SuperStar (recommended for 7-11 years old) Award, students complete 8 x 1 hour SuperStar challenges

Discovery Award

For Discovery award, students complete 5+ hours project work. 

Recommended for 10 – 14 years

Bronze Award

For Bronze Award, students complete 10+ hours project work.

Recommended for 11 – 14 years

Silver Award

For Silver Award, students complete 30+ hours project work.

Recommended for 13 – 16 years

Gold Award

For Gold Award, students complete 70+ hours project work.

Recommended for 16+ years

There are lots of project resources out there, to get you started here are the CREST awards resources